The Challenge Quilt

by Quilter's Round-Up


This is a Challenge Quilt. We challenge you to take a theme fabric that we have chosen and come up with a creative small quilt.  You can use a pattern or design your own.  Maximum size will be the equivalent of 30" square or 120" all around outside border but we would prefer you didn't use a square (but we're not ruling it out.) It is not required to be this large size only.   It can be smaller but not larger then the amount stated.


Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone # ________________________________________________________________________________________

Category ________________________________________________________________________________________

Pattern: Commercial _______ Name of Pattern & Company _________________________________________________


               Original ___________________________________________________________________________________

Fabric used from Quilter's Round-Up ____________________________________________________________________

Entry may be brought in any time before closing on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Entry Fee: $10.50  paid ______________

For online to pay and get your fabric piece see the online catalog area The Challenge Quilt. This form will need to be printed and filled out and returned with your entry to the shop.

            1) Contest will last until November 12

            2) You must use a recognizable portion of the them fabric in the quilt and add any other fabrics you desire.

            3) Entry fee will be $10.50 which will include a piece of the theme fabric and must be paid when you take the fabric -

                 no further fee when finished quilt is turned in)

            4)Any style, shape or technique is okay. We are trying to encourage creativity.

                Your quilt can be presented in any form: i.e.: pillow, picture, wall hangings, table quilt, etc.

                However it must have quilting on it somewhere.

            5) This contest is not open to staff of Quilter's Round-Up for prizes, but we encourage them to make a project also.

            6) If you want to enter, but not be judged you still be charged $8.00 for the fabric and information.

I have read the rules of this contest and agree to go by them.


Signed: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

                Quilter's Round-Up * 193 N Main Street P O Box 1029* Heppner * Oregon* 97836 * 541-676-8282